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Whenever a purchase is made in your woocommerce store, the contact record will be automatically get stored in your drip.co account. You can

  • Apply any tag
  • Remove any tag
  • Start any workflow
  • Remove from a workflow
  • Record an event
  • Lifetime value will be stored in lifetime value field. If a person buy a product valued $96, his lifetime value will be $45. Again if that customer purchases another product valued $50, his lifetime value will become $95 ($45 + $50)


You can easily track every type of order status including subscription and based on each type of order status you can apply tag, remove tag, start any workflow, remove from any workflow, record any event and track lifetime value . The order statuses you can easily track are :

  • Order Completed
  • Order Processing
  • Order Pending
  • Order on Hold
  • Order Refunded
  • Order Cancelled
  • Order failed


and for your subscription status you can also apply tag, remove tag, start any workflow, remove from any workflow, record any event, track lifetime value. You can track each of these following status for your subscription orders in woocommerce :

  • Subscription order completed
  • Renewal payment completed
  • Renewal payment failed
  • Subscription status is ACTIVE
  • Subscription status is HOLD
  • Subscription status is CANCELLED
  • Subscription status is EXPIRED
  • When the trial period for a subscription has reached its end date



For example, you have a product called “Sample Product” and you want that when anyone will purchase your product, he or she will get a tag CUSTOMER (you can choose any tag according your choice), start a specific workflow called “Welcome” , track the customer’s lifetime value and record a specific event . So whenever a person will purchase that specific product , the result will be similar in your drip.co account.




Another example :

If you have refund issue and you want to track the refund incidents from your drip account. Then you can easily set it up using our plugin . His lifetime value will be also updated properly. Just an example below :


Like those examples , you can apply tag, remove tag, start any workflow, remove from any workflow or record any event for every type of order statuses and subscription statuses (for subscription, it works with woocommerce subscription extension)

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